Episode 1: Interview with composer Will Helliwell

In the first ever episode of Skirmish podcast, we interview Will Helliwell. A young composer from England who is aspiring to work in the video game industry that he loved since his childhood. He has recently finished an online game jam, where he has been the composer of the game, working with two other developers online, that he's never met or spoke to in his life, except through chat. 


Will talks to us about how he developed this music passion, his studies, and his career. He also shares his insight about the game industry, and some tips for young composers. You also get to listen to one of his greatest music pieces during the show, as well as his favorite game music piece of all time.


Will is a member of the Skirmish game development community, and you can follow him here: https://skirmish.io/u/willhelliwell.


To find more about him, you may also visit his site: http://www.williamhelliwell.co.uk/ 

and follow him on Twitter: @willhelliwell1


Links and Resources:



Intro: Underlocked (Erik Skiff)

Link's Awakening - Marin Sings the Ballad of the Wind Fish

Closing music: Roaming (Will Helliwell)



London Unity User Group: Monthly event for Unity developers in London, attended by more than just programmers.

London Indie Pub Night: Monthly meetup in London where many indie devs and game talents show up, relax, have a chat, and often show their games. 



Gone Home

To The Moon

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